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The Lesser Men Saga

A B:tVS/A:tS Season 6/3 AU

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Name:The Lesser Men Saga: A B:tVS/A:tS Season 6/3 AU
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This community was created to host jedibuttercup's "Lesser Men" fanfic series.

I'll be the only person posting here, but feel free to put it on your watch list. New chapters of the saga will be posted as they are finished.

The series branches off from canon after the B:tVS episode "Normal Again" (6.17) and the A:tS episode "Sleep Tight" (3.16). Jonathan Levinson and Wesley Wyndam-Price star in the first installment, the original "Lesser Men", but the entire casts of both shows, plus several guest stars, quickly become heavily involved.

The current saga timeline is as follows:

1. Lesser Men
-----Interlude One - Old Mates
-----Interlude Two - Moral Lessons
-----Interlude Three - Branching Out
-----Interlude Four - Second Chances
2. From The Shadows
3. They Also Serve
-----Interlude Five - Toward Freedom
-----Interlude Six - Concerned Citizen
-----Interlude Seven - Want, Take, Have
-----Interlude Eight - Watching Over
4. Never Look Back (WIP)

Ratings, pairings, & etc. are marked in the index post for each story, linked above.

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